23 February 2017

Using Branded Promotional Caps To Entice More Clients

by Dave

These days, many businesses are looking for ways to entice their existing clients to make more purchases and remain loyal to the brand. In many ways, trying to get clients to make repeat purchases can be more challenging than trying to get new clients – but it’s incredibly valuable for developing your brand identity and loyalty base. One such way to entice clients is with branded promotional caps, providing they have been carefully designed.

So, how can branded promotional caps be used to entice more clients?

  • Can be worn by everyone
    One of the key benefits of caps is that they can be worn by literally everyone, regardless of their age and gender. They can be worn to protect the wearer against harmful UV rays, to hide a bad hair day, to complete an outfit and myriad other uses. This means that they are, quite literally, a one-size-fits-all promotional item that a business can constantly keep in stock and hand out to all of their clients.
  • Larger advertising space
    When compared to other popular promotional items, such as pens and notepads, caps offer a much larger space for you to include your advertising message. Not only will this ensure that your logo and brand are visible from a distance, it provides ample space for you to include whatever sort of marketing jargon you want. You also have multiple areas to brand, from the front and bill through to the back and sides.
  • Wearers are walking billboards
    Another key benefit is that, whenever someone chooses to wear the cap, they essentially become a walking billboard for your brand. Anyone who encounters the wearer will be exposed to your logo, hopefully increasing the likelihood that they will remember it at a later date. When you consider the number of impressions the cap is likely to receive, it becomes clear that you’re getting massive return on your investment.
  • Can be handed out everywhere
    You have a number of opportunities to hand out caps to your clients, giving you ample occasions to touch base with them. You could hand them out with every purchase that is made. You could send them out to clients who have made a certain number of purchases. You could send them out to clients who have been shopping with you for a certain number of years. You could send them out to clients who haven’t purchased in a while.
  • Available in multiple sizes
    Following on from our first point, caps are also available in multiple sizes to ensure that all clients are accommodated. It is strongly recommended that you opt for an elastic, Velcro or snap fit so that one item can be adjusted to suit many head sizes. Even so, it can be a good idea to have a selection of adults and kids sizes on hand to ensure that everyone can be accommodated with relative ease.

We hope that the information provided above has shown you how branded promotional caps can be used to entice clients to make another purchase and remain loyal to your brand. At the end of the day, however, it’s important that you have carefully thought about the design of the cap to ensure that it’s successful in each of the above aspects. If you require any assistance at all, do not hesitate to contact the team at Novel Tees.