21 November 2018

Use Promotional Racing Caps at Car Racing Events

by Dave

Whether you’ve been to a car racing event or you’re in the racing industry yourself, you know there are a wide range of businesses that contribute to each and every race – and each deserve recognition. From the tyre manufacturers to the coffee cart fuelling the drivers, there are number of companies that are advertising at each event, all vying for attention and advertising.

If your business is one of these, and you’re hoping to return to the next event, then you need to stand out from the crowd. What better way to do so than with your logo sitting front and centre at eye height – promotional racing caps literally can’t be overlooked. Read through this guide to learn more about how caps and hats can benefit your brand. 

  • Stand Out from the Crowd
    If you’ve ever been trackside, then you know the bright colourful banners, stands and outfits that you’re immediately greeted with. If you want to advertise at an event like this, a simple black cap won’t do the trick – our racing hats are designed to help you stand out from the crowd, without looking like a sore thumb. Complete with racing stripes or checked flag pattern, they are the perfect choice for the race track. 
  • Stick with the Trends 
    To ensure your promotional racing caps are worn both at the event and into the future, following trends is important. For this reason, it may be time to say goodbye to the straight brim ‘snapback’ style hat which has been popular for the last few years, and say hello to an old friend – the trusty trucker cap, with its traditional curved brim. 
  • Offer them as Giveaways
    If you’re trying to engage more people with your brand, then this may be the perfect choice. Offering caps as giveaways, handing them out to passers-by’s or selling them as merchandise is a great way to increase your brand awareness. To create a sense of exclusivity and excitement, consider offering them as a prize – potential clients can leave their name and number and you can draw the winner just before the race begins.  
  • Advertise Your Brand
    Of course, no guide on promotional racing hats would be complete without outlining their benefits as a marketing tool. By printing or embroidering your logo, business name or contact details, you turn anyone who wears the cap into walking billboards, ensuring your brand name is seen by potentially thousands of people each day, especially if they’re worn at major races by many employees and clients.

As you can see, promotional racing caps are the ideal way to advertise at any car racing events that your business is invested in, be it as a small vendor or a major sponsor. They are even a great choice for those that regularly frequent the races, especially as a destination to take their clients. No matter what your business, Novel Tees can assist you to invest in a quality cap to keep you looking your best and advertising your brand at the same time – contact us today for more information.