29 May 2018

Flaunt Your Style With Logo Printed Custom Caps

by Dave

Everyone loves a freebie – especially when that freebie is a logo printed custom cap. They’re great for a variety of reasons, from keeping the sun out of your eyes to protecting your delicate scalp from sunburn. They’re also great for helping people to identify your employees or for turning your customers into walking advertisements for your business.

One of the basics of marketing and developing your brand is letting the world know who you are. To achieve this, you need to use the same message repeated over and over again in recognisable ways – hopefully with a little something extra to ensure it’s attention grabbing. Caps are fantastic for achieving this end, as they’re mostly at eye level when worn.

But how do these hats differ when they’re worn by employees and customers?


Whilst it’s generally considered bad luck to wear a hat indoors, there are a number of situations that could call for them to wear one. Perhaps you’re hosting an outdoor event in the height of summer, you have a team who makes lots of deliveries or you’ve just decided to shirk superstition in favour of a casual work environment. Whatever the reason, custom caps are the answer.

Not only will such an identifiable item of clothing make your employees obvious to customers and passers by, they will help to form part of the uniform that makes your employees feel connected to each other.


Letting your customers know that you appreciate them and are concerned for their wellbeing is a fantastic way to ensure their loyalty. By handing out caps, either as a prize or as a thank you for their continued support, you’re letting them know that you care about their style and the level of protection they receive against the elements (particularly the sun).

Whenever a customer wears your cap out and about, they will be reminded of your brand. On top of this, anyone that they encounter whilst wearing the hat will also be exposed to your brand and, hopefully, remember it.

If you’re looking for the newest freebie to add to your businesses’ marketing campaign, we hope that you’ll give logo printed custom caps a go. Novel Tees has a wide variety of styles to choose from – including soft cotton, mesh, golfer, hi vis and snapback – ensuring that you’re able to find a perfect match for your image, employees and customers. Contact us for assistance or more information.